Apple Fall iPhone Event 2022: Everything that launched

Here is everything that apple announced to launch at today’s fall iphone event 2022.

Apple event launched products

Apple Watch Series 8

starting off with the apple watch series 8. The new apple watch series 8 looks pretty identical to the series 7. But  apple did add a few new features like the new temperature sensor to assist  women’s health. Even further now this new temperature sensor would work with the cycle tracking app to improve accuracy.

And apple says a night-time wrist  temperature would be a great way to get  an accurate reading. And it would better detect ovulation it actually detects  changes as small as 0.1 degrees celsius. And it even does a reading every 5  seconds.
Series 8 can also notify for  potential cycle deviations crash  detection also made its way to the  series 8. And it can detect if you’ve  been in a severe crash. This new feature  can automatically detect impact and dial  911 as well as alert your emergency  contacts.

Front, side impact, rear end collision and rollovers are the four areas of which apple uses to detect a  crash alongside some new sensors built  into the watch. It still has the same battery life of around 18 hours. But  apple did introduce the long rumored low  power mode, which can now give users 36  hours of battery life on one single  charge. This will disable features like always on display but preserves important features like car crash detection while on low power mode.

Apple watch series 8 comes in four colors midnight, starlight, silver and  product red as well as three stainless steel offerings of silver, gold and  graphite.
Pre-orders begin right now and will be on sale next week september 16th. It starts at $399 for the gps and $499  for the cellular model.


Next up apple briefly touched on the SE, which received a little bit of an update. It first comes in new colors now midnight silver and starlight and it’s made up of new nylon composite materials.

On the back of the watch the SE does support car crash detection. And has the same s8 chip that’s found in the new series 8.

It comes in now at $249 for the  GPS and $299 for the cellular model it’s on sale today. And will be available on the 16th and finally rounding out the apple watch lineup.


We have the all-new heavily rumored apple watch ultra, that’s right it’s not called the apple watch  pro or the explorers edition. But it’s actually called ultra and it’s made with a new titanium case. It comes in at 49  millimeters and has this new action button that’s actually highlighted and  decorated in an orange color which i am  a huge fan of. And has a bigger digital crown and a second speaker for increased volume. Cellular is standard in ultra and has 36 hours of battery on a single  charge that’s without low power mode. And  if you do enable low power mode you can actually get 60 hours according to apple.

You can rotate the crown to enter night mode which turns the ui red. For better  visibility there are special bands available for the ultra like the new  alpine loop ocean band and this trail  loop band. The GPS inside of the ultra has improved to feature an l1 and l5 GPS,  for better performance in dense conditions like in between large buildings or a lot of trees.

The action button can launch into custom workouts mark segments during track running. And  in the new compass app which has been  redesigned, you can use the action button to add waypoints. There’s also a new app being developed to utilize the ultra’s  diving certification. The apple watch  ultra is definitely not made for everyone. But if any of these features  pique your interest you’re going to be  pretty happy with the price tag. Actually  the ultra is available to order right  now and will be available and shipping  to consumers on september 23rd and it starts at only $799 which is absolutely  well under the price tag of over a thousand dollars that we were expecting  during the rumor cycle of this product. So in my opinion it now kind of seems  like a huge steal for all of these  features baked into this watch.

Airpods Pro 2

Next up was the new airpods pro and after three years or nearly three and half years apple has finally updated its popular pro version of airpods. It’s jam-packed with a new h2 chip and a ton of overall  sound quality improvements on the inside. But on the outside it looks largely the  same we do get improvements to active noise cancellation, which is according  to apple now two times better than the  previous version. There’s a new extra small ear tip included with the small  medium and large tips that we got before.

Transparency also received some improvements thanks to the h2 chip launching a new adaptive transparency mode that automatically adjusts the  levels to your surroundings. And the force sensor stem on the airpods pro finally got updated to adjust the volume  with a simple swipe up and down which is  something that i am absolutely excited  for and is well worth the upgrade in my  opinion airpods pro come with also six  hours of listening time for the headphones themselves. Then you get an additional 30 hours thanks to the charging case. And the charging case has  also been improved with better find my features like airpods.

Playing a sound  while each individual airpod can play a sound there’s precision tracking. And  there’s a new speaker on the case which  will also help for location tracking  when they are lost. There’s also a  lanyard loop on the side of the case. So that you can add all these new accessories in and the apple watch charger can now be used to charge your  airpods case this will be available on  september 9th for pre-order and released  on september 23rd.

iPHONE 14 and 14 Plus

The iphone 14 and 14  plus, yes that’s the official name was next up. And well it’s just like what we  thought it would be. It’s got the notch still and apple really did focus a lot  on the larger display as being kind of  the new part of this new iphone 14. I guess is new, because it’s an entirely  different size device for the non-pro  iphones. The new iphone 14 does come in  midnight, starlight, blue, purple and  product red. The iphone 14 plus is said  to offer the best battery life ever on an iphone and performance is what we expected.

It was going to be apple is  actually sticking with the a15 bionic chip that was found in last year’s  iphone 13 pro models. So the only good  thing about that is that you actually  are getting the 5 core gpu version which  again was only in the pro models from  last year apple updated its two cameras  on the 14 and 14 plus. So, you’re getting  a newer version of the 12 megapixel main camera that features a larger sensor. Sensor shift OIS and a 1.9 aperture for  better low light improvement.
Ultrawide is also available.

But apple didn’t  really mention any specific improvements  to that sensor. But it has been improved the true depth camera on the front has been  improved for better low-light  performance. And now has autofocus for the first time, photonic engine is a new  engine that apple developed to help with  low-light photos which apparently offers  two times better low-light photography  on the front, ultra and wide-angle lenses. And there’s also a new mode for video  which is actually called action mode  which improves stabilization. And  apparently you’ll get gimbal level  stabilization which is a bold claim.

All us models will no longer have a sim card tray. And  will solely rely on esim and the iphone  14 will also have the crash detection  that feature that we mentioned on the  apple watch series 8. Apple also  announced its long rumored emergency sos  via satellite connectivity feature that  can now notify emergency services. Whenever you do not have cell service this would allow your iphone to connect  to a satellite that’s orbiting our earth. And the phone will actually show you where to point and where to move to keep contact with that satellite. And you’ll be able to send and receive  messages.

In order to kind of get help if you need it you can also in less dire situations share your location manually  via the find my app while connected to  the satellite. This service will actually  be included for free for two years with  any iphone 14. And will launch in  November the iphone 14 will actually  start at $799. And the 14 plus will start  at $899 and will be available for  pre-order on september 9th with orders shipping next week for the standard 14  model. And october 7th is when we can  expect the 14 plus to arrive. 

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iPHONE 14 PRO and iPHONE Pro Max

Last but not least we have the new  iphone 14 pro and 14 pro max. The iphone  14 pro will come in four colors this year with the new color being a purple option. And the new pill shaped cut out is  a first thing that your eyes are going  to be drawn to. And actually comes with  some useful improvements based around it. 

I actually never thought that we’d see a  cutout like this be useful. But apple is  calling it it’s dynamic island and was  actually a pretty big part of the show. It can expand into different sizes when  alerts are presented. And it works  entirely across the system like muting  starting a charge or connecting air pods. You can even see album art and it’s  completely interactive live activities work seamlessly with dynamic island which is actually pretty cool. And  developers can take advantage of dynamic  island for its apps and services.
The new display comes with even thinner borders. 
The dynamic island and a brighter screen  of up to 600 nits of peak brightness  which is the same level as the pro  display xdr. And if you’re outdoors you  can push that brightness up to a max 2000 nits of peak outdoor brightness.

Apple also finally made the debut of  always on display as we were actually  expecting this to happen. And it is  modeled after the new lock screen from  ios 16. So, the time widgets and live  activities are always available  wallpaper photos can be dimmed. But preserve skin tones and you can keep  track of those live activities without  having to touch your iphone. The a16  bionic chip is inside the new iphone 14  pro and it’s built off of a 4 nanometer  process. And has a 6 core cpu and a 5  core gpu with 50 percent more bandwidth  for better gaming improvements.

The new  cameras on the iphone 14 pro and pro max have finally received a pretty massive  upgrade. This new system comes with a new  48 megapixel main sensor leading the way  with quad pixel sensor. It’s actually 65  larger than the iphone 13 pro and has a  second gen sensor shifting OIS and 24  millimeter focal length. The new main  camera has two times low light  improvements and compared to the iphone  13 pro. And you can now shoot  uncompressed apple pro raw at 48 megapixels. And it will allow for  incredible detail while rescaling some of these photos.

The iphone 14 pro also  has a new ultrawide sensor with up to  three times improvements for low light  photos. And macro shots have been  improved. Thanks to this new ultra wide  sensor, the iphone 14 pro can now shoot  cinematic mode in 24 and 30 frames per  second in 4k. But sadly we didn’t get 8k  video recording at least not this year. Iphone 14 pro and pro max will actually  remain at the same starting price at  $999 and $1099. And pre-orders will begin  september 9th with deliveries taking  place on september 16th for both pro  models

And that wraps up everything that apple announced at the event it was a  massive event filled with tons of great  updates.

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