Best 5 Chromebook of Mid 2022

what’s up guys today’s Article is on the top 5 best chromebook in mid 2022. Through extensive research and testing i’ve put together a list of options that’ll meet the needs of different types of buyers.

so whether it’s price performance or its particular use we’ve got you covered.

best 5 Chromebook of mid 2022

Asus Chromebook flip cm3

The best budget option on the market in 2022

This model comes with a MediaTek mt-8183 cpu, four GB of ram, 64  GB of emmc storage and a 12-inch ips screen. There are certainly some trade-offs here to achieve that lowest price. But the company made just the right compromises to deliver a top-notch budget student laptop.

The asus chromebook flip cm3 is a  hybrid of a silver aluminium alloy lid and a matching plastic case. The build quality is equally good. The lid only bends slightly under pressure and the keyboard bends slightly under strong pressure. Here too the device exceeds its weight class and offers surprisingly  robust build quality. This is a small laptop with a small housing. But larger frames a thin and light model that is easy to carry.

The connection is limited  to one usb c port, usb A port, 3.5mm audio port and micro sd card reader. Wireless connectivity includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2. Although this is optimized for chrome os, it provides slightly lower performance. But considering the price it’s quite acceptable. The device supports an optional active pen which is another  advantage  the mediatek processor.

Although somewhat slower is also efficient also included in the mix is a 32 watt battery that can deliver up to 12 and a  half hours of web browser use. Which is a  good result all in all impressive  battery life for such a small device. In conclusion, the asus chromebook flip cm3 is an affordable chromebook two-in-one model that exceeds expectations based on the low price. It may be a little slower than you’d like. But it has a great  battery life and a solid comfortable  chassis. And the touchpad and active pen  are great for the listed price.

Lenovo flex 5 Chromebook

The best value Chromebook on the 2022 market

The device offers a pretty  good deal. You get the 10th generation intel processor, a solid and attractive chassis a touchscreen with pen support a comfortable backlit keyboard and a  satisfying choice of ports. While there’s no extra special feature you can brag about. There’s not much to complain about either the flex 5 has a much better chassis than many other Chromebooks you’ll see in this price range.

In addition to a solid construction the  device has a reasonable choice of ports  including two usb 3.1, type-c gen1, one usb 3.1, type A gen1, combined audio port, micro sd reader and kensington lock. As  bonus points there is a usb C port on each side for convenient charging. You can use this model in laptop tent standard tablet mode in our opinion. The keyboard is the highlight of the device. The keys have a backlight and look elegant on a black cover. It’s comfortable with a stroke of 1.4  mm, without being too loud.

The touchpad is also easy and quite precise to click. Although it’s textured on the rough side the 1920×1080 screen is sharp and vivid it also has pen support. Although the pen is not included the  720p webcam is surprisingly usable. It provides a grainy but precise image even in low light environments. You won’t notice any visible slowdowns even when using multiple apps like adobe lightroom  and google photos.

In addition to  countless chrome cards and android apps  battery life is a bit disappointing for  some users lasting 8 hours and 45  minutes. But it’s not bad at all far from  it all in. All the combination of a 13  inch full hd screen a 10th generation core i3 processor and 4  GB of ram is quite enough to handle the basic  productivity workloads for the listed  price.

samsung galaxy chromebook 2

The best premium chromebook  on the market in 2022.

You can’t beat this one if you’re  looking for a top quality product

This model offers  the main features of its predecessor at a more affordable price. And with the  addition of a Q-led screen with the  exceptionally lightweight design a 13.3  inch touchscreen that can reproduce more  than a billion colors. And smart amp sound that offers 178 percent higher  performance than amplifiers.

The new  galaxy chromebook 2 is the ideal device. The galaxy chromebook 2 contains secure  software an intel processor and  incredibly fast wi-fi 6 capabilities. It allow you to perform multiple tasks  in a flash the keyboard with wider  letters and backlight optimizes text and  document management tasks. With the  addition of the universal stylus initiative pen this chromebook becomes a  real canvas where you can capture your sketches ideas and artwork at any time. For its part google’s chrome operating  system makes it easier to perform tasks. And access related cloud services like  google drive mead and more.

It also  integrates google assistant. The galaxy chromebook 2 can connect to other  samsung devices such as your smartphone. So you can handle calls or send messages. As for the brightness the test confirmed that the average brightness is 390 nits that’s better than the 357 threads. We’ve seen from this model’s predecessor and  an improvement over the competition. The 13.3 inch touchscreen is proven to be  efficient and can be conveniently used  to browse the internet. And can be used manipulate  various chrome applications without any  hassle. Weighing about 2.7 pounds with  the machined aluminum chassis that measures 12 by 8 by 0.6 inches.

The  galaxy chromebook 2 is only slightly  heavier and taller than many competing  chromebooks as well as its predecessor. However you’ll never notice it unless you hold them together. The galaxy  chromebook 2 is light enough that you’ll  probably forget about it when you put it  in your backpack.

The poor battery life  was the biggest complaint with the  original galaxy chromebook. And samsung  took that criticism to heart delivering  an impressive 13 hours of operation  without charging.

google pixel book

Best Chromebook available on the market in  2022

If you can afford this beast we say go for it best portable easy to use good looking, fast rocking, a battery that lasts all day. This model delivers the goods, the device features a set of two usb C ports  one on each side plus a three and a half  millimetre input for your wired headphones. You also get two screen options for pixel look go. The most  expensive model comes with a 4k 13.3  inch panel while the other three models  have a full hd panel. The screen is more than good enough for all types of use the colors are quite vivid and the whites are clean. While the contrast is  also strong  on the side of the keyboard are the  speakers which are actually pretty good. 

You get a lot of volume really efficient  stereo separation and a lot of bass in  mid-range to fill the sound nicely. There’s nothing modest or quiet about it. Device supports the 8th generation intel core i5 processor which is more than powerful enough for all everyday tasks. It is comfortably capable of driving  another monitor without noticeable speed  difficulties. It also comes with 8  GB of ram and thanks to chrome os. The chromebook  operating system a relatively light  software and interface pixelbook go still works fast and reacts quickly  battery life is also impeccable.

Google  promises up to 12 hours of battery usage before it runs out and delivers the goods. According to all tests when the  battery runs out the included 45 volt  charger with power delivery will charge it in just over two hours. If you want the device offers support for google assistant which means you can  use it for anything you could use it on  your phone or even a google home product. Whether it’s checking time calendar  events or checking smart devices it’s  all possible here this is a quality.

Acer  chromebook spin 713

The best overall  chromebook on the market in 2022

Acer chromebook spin 713 looks good from the wide  responsive track pad through the brushed  aluminum finish to a pretty impressive  screen. Everything is sleek and elegant. Acer presents this model as a business  laptop. But it’s suitable for anyone who  wants to get serious about their  chromebooking and needs a really good  laptop for it. In addition to being eye pleasing the laptop also passes the  military-grade endurance test. So bumps and scratches shouldn’t be a problem for  the spin 713. Then of course you can fold  the screen pick it up to watch some  videos if necessary or to make a video  call.

The screen is also touch enabled. So you can use the device as a kind of  makeshift tablet. The 13.5 inch lcd  screen offers a resolution of 2265 by 1504 pixels it’s sharp and lively and stands out in. Everything from writing  essays to sitting and watching movies  ports and connections are well taken  care of with a full-size hdmi port. Included something you don’t always get  on a chromebook or any laptop.

At this  price there are also two usb c ports  plus a usb a port and a 3.5 millimeter audio jack to which you can connect a  microphone or a pair of headphones. You can also get a micro sd card slot if you need one the onboard processor is paired  with eight  GB of ram and 128   GB or 256  GB of internal memory. You should only need the latter if you have a lot of android apps to install and want to sync offline. In our  opinion 8  GB of memory and a 128 gigabyte ssd is quite enough for  most people.

Chromebook battery life is also mostly impressive. Streaming video in full light  reduces battery levels by about 10 per hour. While in general use you can spend  all day out of the socket from morning  to night without staying without juice. In conclusion the acer chromebook spin  713 is top notch powerful enough to run  chrome os. It has some very useful extras  built in and the price makes this laptop  even more attractive. Overall this model  delivers premium performance at the best  possible price quality ratio you wanted.


These laptops are at no exact order, these are just listed and you can go for one as per your needs and budget. To summarize up

  1. Asus chromebook flip cm3
  2. lenovo flex 5 chromebook
  3. samsung galaxy  chromebook 2
  4. google  pixelbook
  5. acer  chromebook spin 713

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