Best Business Laptops in Mid 2022

Best Business Laptops in mid 2022

HP elite book 840 g7

The best value business laptop available on the market in 2022 intended especially for professionals searching for powerful safe and durable computers. This model rivals lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon in the market of top ultra portable devices. Right out of the gate hp surprises you with a modern high quality computer. The silver aluminum chassis is elegant and solid with few signs of bending in the main body or screen cover. And feels suitably luxurious in the hand.

The unit comes equipped with a quad core intel core i7 10610u processor with integrated uhd graphics, 16 gigabytes of ddr4 memory, and a 2 gigabyte intel optane memory h512m10ssd accelerated by a set of 32 gigabyte of built-in cache. The device supports a wealth of business features including support for intel vpro management.

HP’s self-healing bios and hp sure sense which uses deep learning artificial intelligence to protect against malware. Continuing with the business level theme. One of the most important aspects of this unit is the 14 inch full hd ips anti-glare screen.

Every business laptop should be well stocked in the connectivity department. And elitebook delivers the right frames with support for wi-fi 6 bluetooth 5 and nfc. HP has kept the quiet operation and comfortable elitebook keys. We know and love by adding a thinkpad like stylus in the middle providing in our estimation one of the best typing experiences available on a 14 inch laptop for the listed price you can’t beat this one.

Lenovo ThinkPad x1 nano

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The best portable business laptop on the market in 2022 weighing just two pounds. The nano is the lightest thinkpad laptop ever you get portability by trading real estate on the screen. However, the 13 inch 2k panel is pretty good and the 16 to 10 aspect ratio compensates for the smaller size. Although it doesn’t use the fastest processor, the thinkpad x1 nano has enough performance for most tasks. And what it lacks in speed it compensates with excellent battery life. Everything else about the x1 nano is classic thinkpad stuff. A powerful keyboard plush, smooth surfaces, military-grade durability, and extensive safety features.

There are a few drawbacks to consider such as its limited ports and small trackpad. But overall the device achieves what lenovo intended to do. It delivers everything you love about the thinkpad brand in the smallest package ever. It’s equipped with an intel core i7 1160 g7 with 16 gigabytes of ram as well as a 512 gigabyte ssd and a 13 inch panel.

The x1 nano is not a two in one laptop. However the double hinges bend the screen 180 degrees. So you can present it to people around you or adjust the angle to your liking while relaxing. When you return to the office the x1 nano will protect your privacy with a fingerprint sensor and an infrared camera for biometric logging via windows hello. These are faster and more secure ways to log onto your system.

You’ll find a pair of thunderbolt 4 inputs on the left next to the headphone and microphone jack. The right side is bare except for an elongated power button with a small indicator light. In a way lenovo has put a four speaker setup in the x1 nano with a couple of drivers that activate above the keyboard. And another below the result good sound quality.

Due to space constraints it’s actually the most portable thinkpad ever with its carbon fiber and magnesium frame weighing just two pounds. And last but not least this small laptop lasted 12 hours without recharging in the battery test. It includes continuous web browsing via wi-fi at a brightness of 150 nits good stuff a thumbs up.

HP Zbook firefly 15 G8

The best workstation business laptop available on the market in 2022. Supporting a 15.6 inch 4k screen professional nvidia Quadro graphics isv certificates and 5g connection in a slim and elegant design. This lightweight mobile workstation is suitable for moderate 2d in 3d operation. Although its quad-core intel processor is not as heavy as the six and eight core chips.

You’ll find in the thicker and heavier zbook fury 15. But given the extremely long battery life of our test model and a slim weight of 3.74 pounds. The well-made zbook firefly 15 g8 is more than a respectable performer. The device has been updated for its eighth generation with intel tiger light core processors. And several new configuration options including 5g mobile broadband access.

The core i7 1185 g7 processor is the best available cpu. And it includes integrated intel ataris xe graphics as a complement to the optional nvidia Quadro t500 4 gigabyte graphics card when full 3d performance is not required. HP backs this model with various isv certificates for professional workstation applications. Thin bezels on the screen complete the modern look. While the 4k screen resolution creates a detail rich image above the keyboard. Bang and all of a sudden tuned speakers protrude nicely behind a grille that looks artistic.

Physical connectivity on the zbook firefly 15 g8 starts on the left edge with a usb 3.2 gen1 type a port a headphone jack and an optional smart card reader. The right edge includes another usb a port hdmi 2.0 b video port and a couple of usb-c ports that support thunderbolt 4. In addition to the core i7 1185 g7 processor and 4 gigabytes quadro t500 graphics card device has 32 gigabytes of dual channel memory. And also a 512 gigabyte ssd memory. The storage can be upgraded by the user. And finally in terms of autonomy the firefly 15 g8 set high standards delivering 14 hours of continuous operation if you can afford this.

Apple MacBook pro 14

Apple’s first laptop designed entirely around its new architecture. The addition of the new m1 pro chip and the m1 mac in these models has left the industry restless with tremendous power and performance. This model also has a very good battery life and a premium construction combined with an amazing screen. The m1 pro comes with up to a 10 core cpu up to a 16 core gpu and up to 32 gigabytes of integrated ram.

In addition the device integrates a 16 core neural engine and a multimedia mechanism that supports h.264 and hevc as well as prores encoding and decoding. The keyboard has also changed quite a bit. It is completely black and the keys and the spaces between them. We’re looking at a magical backlit keyboard with 79 keys and with a touch id. So you can quickly access your computer with your fingerprint.

Apple is once again offering us a large number of connectors. Perfect for professionals also included in the mix are three thunderbolt 4 ports an hdmi port, an sdxc card slot, and magsafe 3 port. Apple also offers users a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and advanced compatibility with high impedance headphones. The screen is another advantage of the new macbook pro.

If you switched from another macbook from a few years ago you’ll be amazed by its resolution and technology. The levels of black it offers are huge. We get a liquid retina xdr screen with a 14.2 inch mini led with a resolution of 3024×1964. But it impresses more with its 1000 nits of permanent brightness or 1600 nits of maximum brightness. The battery lift of the inch macbook pro is much better than the 14 inch. It has 17 hours for video playback and 11 hours for wireless web browsing this is a quality product.

Lenovo ThinkPad x1 carbon gen 9

The best overall business laptop available on the market in 2022. New features that caught our attention include a 16 to 10 uhd screen, an improved dolby atmos speaker system, and an 11th generation intel core platform. The device comes with intel core i7 1165 g7 with integrated iris xc graphics, 16 gigabytes ram, 512 gigabyte ssd, and a 4k uhd touchless screen. The thinkpad x1 carbon gen 9 design offers core technologies that appeal to many users with superior durability and excellent performance weight ratio. The chassis makes it very rigid and protects the internal components. Finally the keyboard is resistant to spills which is a significant advantage over other laptops.

The 9th generation x1 carbon keyboard has all the features of a thinkpad keyboard. It is extremely comfortable to type on curved keys enough space. And a long stroke of the keys make long working hours more bearable. As for ports we’re looking at two usb type-c ports thunderbolt 4 two usb type-a slots and hdmi 2.0 standard an anti-theft slot a nano sim slot as well as a 3.5 millimeter audio jack. Next securely unlocking the webcam is our first choice. But if your company wants to keep the camera lens closed the fingerprint sensor is a great backup and serves as a power button.

The four speaker sound system works quite well and it’s nice to see lenovo constantly improving the sound quality of the x1 carbon. The sound is clear and without distortion. The device has a resolution of 1920×1200, a 500 nits of brightness and excellent color reproduction. It’s also worth noting that the lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon gen 9 comes with a 720p hd webcam. It helps you look decent for video calls.

Lastly this laptop has an impressive battery life which is no surprise you can easily use your laptop all day without having to fully charge it. And sometimes not even until the next day. Overall this model delivers premium performance at the best possible price quality ratio.

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