How To Maintain iPhone Battery Health at 100 percent

The question is, how can you keep your battery in perfect condition? That’s exactly what I’ve done with my iPhone 13 Pro Max. It was with me at the releasing day itself. So, my phone isn’t quite old, but it’s coming close to that year mark, and I’m still at a hundred percent. So I’d want to tell you about what I’ve done and what I haven’t done to keep my health. Now you may put all of these suggestions to use. This video will teach you how to customise your iPhone. I’m going to take care of a few things. I’ve never let it get the best of me. So I never let this thing totally discharge, like down to the point where you can see red and stuff like that. Never, ever allow a discharge.

Maintain 100 percent battery health in iphone

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And I was very aware of this. I wasn’t checking it all the time, but I did check it regularly during the day, every couple of hours or so, to make sure the battery wasn’t getting too low. This was something that had been on my thoughts for a long time. I wanted to be certain I didn’t lose it. Within a few months, the value of my iPhone 11 pro max had reduced by a few percent. That didn’t please me at all. As a result, I made the decision to keep a close check on it. Because I was aware of it, I just did not let it to discharge.

Never let your battery drop below 50%

That’s the first thing I never allowed it to do, and the second thing, never let it do was let this battery fall below 50% charge. I accomplished this as well, depending on whether I was out or not, by utilizing low power mode. And there were a couple of times when I slipped up and it went down to 49, 40, or 8%, but overall I worked on it and made sure that I never went below 50% for the majority of the time, whether that meant plugging into a car charger when driving a battery pack on the go, or just constantly topping up throughout the day if needed because the 13 per max doesn’t require top-ups very often.

But when it did, I made certain to replenish it. As a result, it didn’t go below 50%, which may resulted in the battery cycled. And you got around 500 cycles out of it. If you keep cycling it every day it’ll probably go down a little faster than you like. The second thing I did was make sure I was using Apple-approved chargers. As a result, you’ll want to utilise an OEM-based solution. The five-watt charger is now available.

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Avoid fast charging

I was usually charging the 13 pro max on its fast charger, I won’t suggest if you plan on keeping your phone for more than five years. You’ll want to charge it slowly because quicker charging can heat up the battery a little bit more and maybe chemically age it a little bit faster. So I would advice utilising this if you’re not short on time, since you can charge it overnight or something, but we’ll discuss whether you should charge it overnight or for several hours later.

You’ll most likely want to utilise it, but the iPhone 13 Promax is also a good option. I was constantly charging it quickly, however I have to reiterate that you should only use Apple-certified chargers. Some serious charges further made. Some people don’t have any troubles with things like anchor chargers, but I always use the OEM and have never had any problems.

Optimize the charging process

The second thing I did was make sure the optimum charging mode was turned on. If you go to battery and next to battery health, there will be a section of label “optimal battery charging”. Now, during the time of getting my iPhone, I made sure that this was turned on. Just to be sure, you can surely slow down the ageing of your batteries. This iPhone is intelligent. From the daily charging procedure, it states exactly here. So it can wait until you’re ready to use it to complete charging.

So why not utilise something apple-related to help you prolong the life of your battery? If you don’t use that functionality, you’re making a mistake. The next thing I did was, believe it or not, I never truly wirelessly charged it. I know it’s great that you have wireless charging capabilities, and I’m sure a lot of people will use one to charge this device. But I don’t like how hot it makes my battery. If I’m continually wireless charging, I’m sure it’ll take a few percentage points off my score. Again, if you purchase a respectable wireless pad from a respected business that understands how to make such things a little bit better than some generic ones, you shouldn’t have too much trouble, but I don’t really appreciate wireless charging and didn’t do it. And I’m still at a perfect score.

Adaptive brightness

It could be able to extend the life of your battery. The second thing that I have to do was check to see whether auto brightness was turned on. You can’t possibly harm the battery because you’re always on max brightness, which is really high brightness. Again, this heats up the battery unnecessarily, potentially shortening its life. So I did use auto brightness on my phone quite a bit simply to make sure the battery would age nicely. And it’s paid off handsomely in this case. And, again, when it comes to charging the iPhone, I seldom charge it all the way to 100 percent. Is this something you agree with, or do you always charge a hundred percent another method to prevent, you know, cycling it a lot?

Simply I didn’t do it very often. I mean, I always like to give my all, but I didn’t always do so. I used to be able to pull it off at 89 92 under 95 90 a lot of the time. I’d simply unplug it from the charger and I’d be ready to rock and roll for a long time. So I didn’t always charge it to its full potential. That was just something I felt compelled to mention. It can be a solution for you to avoid over-cycling the battery. Something else has to do with the outdoors. So, you go to the beach, you put your phone down with a cover or anything, and you just have it with the sun shining on it.

Even while wearing a case, it may get rather hot. Furthermore, I never actually did it. In addition, I did not place this in a windshield. What they car, you know, the car GPS holders obviously did not place it there so it might heat up and get extremely hot with the sun beaming through the glass and things like that.

Updating and maintaining temperature

So, for the most part, I maintained the iPhone at ambient temperature, only to prevent overheating the iPhone 13 Pro max and preserve my battery. It’s surely helped a little bit in anything you may try to use, in my opinion. The second thing I did was check for software updates on a regular basis, obsessively keeping my iOS up to date when new iOS upgrades were released, simply to make sure we didn’t have any bugs or software issues affecting battery performance. So it’s something to keep in mind; just make sure your iOS is up to current. Whenever possible. You can even configure it to update automatically. If you’re a busy person, you probably don’t have time to do things manually all the time. Simply go here, automatic updates, download iOS updates, and install them. It’ll do it automatically overnight.

You don not require to do anything. So just make sure they are in ON condition and you’ll be OK. And another thing I did a lot of the time was, and I’m not sure how much this improves the battery. It probably doesn’t help much, but I basically kept it clean a lot, making sure no dust particles or other stuff went into my phone and perhaps got in there. And maybe this by the tiniest of tiny chances got in there and messed with some battery contacts, stuff like that, making sure just nothing gets in the phone, keeping it clean was definitely something on my high priority list in order to make sure you keep everything out was definitely something on my high priority list. Even if it’s like IP 68, you still want to make sure nothing gets in there.

Unused features should be disabled.

Another thing to do is turn off features on the iPhone that you don’t use very often. So, for example, I turn off background app refresh because why would I have this thing on, continuously wasting battery and constantly updating and refreshing? I simply turned it off now. It’s been off since I first used this phone in September of 2021, and I still have a hundred percent battery life now. Another thing I did was disable iPhone capabilities that I don’t use very frequently. So, for example, I disable background app refresh since why would I want this thing continually wasting power and updating and refreshing? I just switched it off. It hasn’t been turned off since I first used this phone in September of 2021, and I still have a full charge.

Avoid excessive charging

You know, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t overcharging. It doesn’t truly overcharge, but it simply wanted to make sure that charging while I was asleep wasn’t affecting the battery cycling too much. Some folks can no longer avoid us; they must charge overnight. If you do it again, simply enable the option, optimise battery charging, and use a slower brick. You’ll still wake up since you’re sleeping, but these are the things I’ve done 100 percent of the time. And I must say that I’m rather amazed with how well it’s held up to this day.

Within a year, some people will report that. They’ve already dropped to 87, 86, and 85, which I don’t like. So try some of them on your next iPhone purchase, or if you get a new battery, refresh it to 100%, as if you replaced it and it got a new refreshed to 100%, try some of these and see how it works for you and report back later.

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