Laptop Vs Desktop – War for best PC?


Laptop vs Desktop: The battle between these two computer units have been always arisen in everyone’s mind before buying them. However, some might not so confused while buying any one of them. As they focus on what their requirements matter the most while buying the laptop or computer.

But as a buyer, we always have a habit of comparing the items to get the most appropriate one for us. So, about this, there are some of the factors that make the difference between laptops and desktops. Portability, size, internal drives, processors, physical specifications, functionality, etc. are some of the factors which in turn can make our selection much easier before buying them.

Although laptops are considered more configured and specified over the desktops for performance. Besides budget, the most crucial deciding factor would be portability and performance.

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What is the difference between desktop and laptop?

A desktop is a computer unit that has to be kept inside the office or home connected externally with its terminal to the external monitor, keyboard, and mouse.  While the laptops have in-built components and thus, they can be easily transportable.

Talking about the lifespan of desktop computers, which is around three years, comes out to be more worthy in case of two years of lifespan of laptops.

The most noticeable thing in both of these is size. A laptop comes with an average size of 13-15 inches with an easily foldable feature. Whereas, in the case of desktop, its size expands up to 18 inches which is huge than a normal laptop. In addition to it, because of the additional components of desktop, it tends to look more complicated than laptops.

Why laptop is expensive than a desktop?

A laptop is more expensive than a desktop. A genuine reason behind it is that the tiny hardware components of the laptop need to placed in a compact space. Further, at the same time, an expected level of performance needs to fulfill.

Desktop is quite cheaper than a normal laptop, this is because the manufacturer need not provide the cost of fitting all the necessary components into a single unit.

Hence laptops come out to be more expensive, in addition to that if you are an intensive gamer then a laptop cooling pad to cool down your laptop will additionally cost you much your laptop.

Laptop vs Desktop performance

Even if the same processor, RAM, and storage space, if we compare the performance of laptop and desktop, laptops tend to be much slower in performance when compared with the desktop.

Laptops with smooth performance and powerful functionality cost too much than comparable desktops. So, if you want a laptop with good performance then it will cost an additional amount rather than going for a desktop computer.

The reason behind the smooth and fast performance of desktops is the amount of power they consume and heat output. Additionally, because of the better specifications of the desktop, it runs faster and smoother. It does not matter even if the model number of desktop and laptop be the same.

Laptop vs Desktop – Which one is best for students?

Which one is best for students – Laptop or Desktop?… Generally, it depends on how and where the student wants to make use of the laptop/desktop. Does it need transportability or not?

If you are a student who needs a laptop or computer for studying at home or wants to play games, do video editing, or stream, then a desktop computer will be the best choice for you.

But, if you go to college and place a computer on desk, then you must go for a laptop. It is transportable and you can use anywhere you want to use without any complications.

So, if you are a college student and searching for the best laptops for engineering students. Then we recommend that you buy a laptop that will help you to carry it along to college. And also store all the appropriate kinds of stuff in it such as projects, presentations, etc.

Laptop vs Desktop – Which is best for gaming?

Generally, gamers like to play games according to their own choice. Starting from the setup to the controls they want to use they find a way to make their gaming effective. So, if you are a gamer and this statement comforts you too, then the desktop will give more comfortable and choosy gaming experience to you as compared to laptop gaming.

The desktop system allows you to customize your own balanced gaming setup. Additionally, it also allows gamers to add any gaming component as per their choice which will help to improvise their gaming experience, which lacks in laptop.

If you are planning to buy a gaming laptop then it would cost your entire amount for buying additional equipment. Such as a laptop cooling pad for lowering down the temperature while playing games. So rather than going for it, a desktop with a spreadable amount for upgrading the system will be more flexible in budgeting as well as in custom design too.

Laptop vs Desktop: Which is best for programming?

Usually, a desktop allows the user to do programming comfortably sitting in a fixed place for hours. But, if you need a device for coding and at the same time you also look for its mobility carrying it along with you in colleges, then a laptop will be sufficient for coding.

This is because coding does not use much power supply and on the other hand, desktop computers are well known for their high power supply. So, instead of going for a desktop, it would be more efficient to buy a laptop for coding.

Talking about the laptop to buy for coding, you must consider some of the factors before buying it. A laptop big screen size, good processor, and RAM with enough storage will be sufficient for better performance.

Screen size matters a lot for programmers in case they want to use multiple programming windows at the same time. A big screen size allows programmers to work on coding faster and efficiently.

Side by side processor is also responsible for the fast calculations and controls. The better is the processor the faster is the probability of performing the tasks faster and efficiently. As a programmer you want your program to compile quickly so, a multi-core processor will be helpful to work on multiple tasks faster.

Which one to prefer: Laptop or Desktop with same Specs?

The question is which device you should prefer, a laptop or a desktop if they both have the same specs?

The answer for this is just simple, even if the processor of both the devices are the same, the desktop processor will be considerably more powerful than the processor of laptops.

If compared, all the parts of the laptop are fitted in a compact space which means that the parts are not much powerful as compared to the one with the powerful desktop computer parts. So, in the case of performance, the desktop results out to be a more effective and faster one.

One advantage of a desktop computer is that it offers a powerful cooling system which lacks in a laptop. Laptops generally get heated up easily due to the bad cooling system.

Advantages of Laptop over a Desktop

  • Portability

Laptops are highly portable because of their compact size. They can be carried along with you anywhere even if you are traveling you can have your work done on it. And if you are on the way to your work or college, you can complete or submit your assignments while on the way.

While, on the other hand, the desktop computer with its large size has multiple components which in turn does not allow users to carry it along with them.

  • Convenience of assembly

Laptops are user-friendly as it needs a few minutes to get start and run. You only need to press the power key and within a few seconds, you are good to go. Additionally, you can just place your laptop on your lap are start working on it.

On the other hand, the desktop computer requires a bit of time to get installed and to begin. Another disadvantage of it over a laptop is that it uses a lot of space for the setup. And in that too you have to use it on a formal table with a specific furniture setup.

  • Power usage

Laptops use less power as compared to desktop computers due to the smaller components of it which require a minimal amount of power supply.

A desktop computer uses a lot of power as it has large components. They need a more than sufficient amount of power for its operation.

  • Weight and Dimension

The laptops have the same components as the desktop have but they weigh only 2-3 kgs. Sometimes the laptops can be weighted under 1 kgs. and even 1.5kgs. there are some lightest laptops available in the market. So, they can be carried easily with you even with one hand. And also they are slimmer than desktops such that they can be placed or adjusted even in a congested space.

Advantages of Desktop Computer vs Laptop

  • Cost

The desktop computer is cheaper than the laptop. You can build up your desktop setup without compromising for any of the components to buy. You can just get multiple components that are useful and make your system more effective.

While in case of laptop you just have to buy a laptop with a certain price which will be costlier than the whole setup of the desktop computer.

  • Processor

The desktop computer comes with powerful processor than the laptop. It makes the processing of the task much faster and more effective. If you compare the most recent processor in the market, you will find them to be more compatible with the desktop than with the laptop.

You can run heavy games on a desktop computer without any discomfort. While in the case of high graphics games on the laptop it would give a few performance issues.

  • Screen size

The desktop computer comes in a wide range of sizes. Even you can have a high-user experience by connecting with the home theatre or TVs.

While in the case of a laptop, you rarely get a screen size of 19 inches, so you have to compromise with the screen size with the laptop.

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