Should you pay for iCloud plus?

Let’s answer one simple question should you subscribe to icloud plus?, is icloud plus worth paying and well it depends, it’s not a yes or no question because it depends on your situation on your scenario but i’m sure that after reading this article you’ll know what’s best for you.

is icloud plus worth paying

What is iCloud Plus?

In case you don’t know what icloud plus then, let me first explain you what icloud plus really is.
So icloud plus is icloud’s subscription  service.

icloud as you know is apple’s cloud storage service which is free. As you buy an iphone or any apple  product you have the right to get five gigabytes of icloud storage for free completely for your life.   But five gigabytes is pretty much nothing nowadays. So then you have the possibility of subscribing to icloud  plus which is a paid subscription service. And then have more storage like 50 gigabytes 200 gigabytes or even more like two terabytes. By now most people  already know what icloud is and what it  does and what it’s used for.

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Is it worth it or not should you subscribe or not and the answer is actually pretty simple. And it relies on pretty much two  important factors.

Factor number one it has to do with the type of use that you have on your devices. In fact number two it has to do with your apple devices  themselves so your iphone, your ipad, your mac it depends on the devices you have. So you gotta understand and you gotta think about those two factors to  make up your mind. If icloud plus is  relevant interesting and necessary for  you or not if it’s just a waste of money. As you know you can’t really store anything that you want in icloud.

So that’s why it’s important to understand if icloud is interesting for your use. Because you can pretty much this just store three types of files three big categories of files in icloud. One your photos and videos two your documents and three your backups. And that’s pretty much it that you can store and that’s extremely important.

Because I see this all the time you have somebody with an iphone  that has a full storage and it’s  completely full. The iphone is lagging a lot it’s completely buggy it’s crashing all the time. Because the storage is full of course and then they think okay i’ll subscribe just to icloud plus i’ll get 50  gigabytes or 200 gigabytes or more. And then i’ll throw everything in icloud  i’ll get all those files all of those apps everything that I have on my iphone. And i’m gonna throw in icloud and then  i’m gonna free up my iphone storage and fix the problem. But that’s the thing you can’t really store everything that’s on your iphone. In icloud like for example your apps you can’t really throw your  iphone apps into icloud. And then free up  that storage on your iphone it doesn’t  work like that.

All your apps and the file inside your apps they need to be physically stored right here inside your iphone. So you can’t really go ahead and throw them in icloud. So depending on how you use your iphone and what’s your problem exactly it’s so important to understand. If icloud plus is or not necessary. So imagine a  scenario where somebody has a ton of  heavy very large apps on their iphone and the storage is completely full. But they don’t really have photos and videos or  documents on the iphone. But the storage  is full and if this person goes ahead and subscribe to icloud plus nothing  will change. Because they won’t be able  to go ahead and free up that storage  putting those apps into icloud. So then there’s no point subscribing to icloud plus.

In this specific situation of course if you have photos and videos if  you have a ton of documents on your  iphone. Then it is interesting to go ahead and subscribe to icloud plus. And then throw all of that data into icloud  and free up your storage.

So, that’s factor number one factor number two as I mentioned has to do with the devices you have the devices themselves. So if your iphone or maybe your mac or maybe your ipad the apple device that you have. And this is relevant because depending on  the apple devices you have you don’t  really need icloud.

Let’s say you have an  iphone with one terabyte of internal storage same thing with your ipad same  thing with your mac if you have apple  devices that have a ton of storage of  available internal storage there’s no point subscribing to icloud plus. You’re  just wasting money because you don’t  need it. I mean it’s very unlikely that you fill one terabyte of your iphone storage with apps files photos and  videos. So then you have to  pay attention and keep in mind that you only need icloud plus. If you don’t have enough storage on your  iphone or your other devices if you have  a 64 GB, iphone or 128 even nowadays. And you see that the stories is full okay. Icloud plus is a great idea if you know  how to manage and how to use it.

But if you don’t need it if you have plenty of  internal storage on your apple devices  there’s just no point. And we have to talk about backup because backup is extremely important. If you’re talking about icloud and a ton of people may be saying icloudplus is always necessary is always important. And you should always subscribe because of  backups, because of the icloud backup and I don’t really agree with that. Because  of course you have the possibility of  backing up to your computer. So if you don’t want to and if you don’t need to like if you have enough storage on your apple devices.

Therefore you don’t need  icloud plus there’s no point there’s no need to get icloud plus just for your  backups. Because you can backup to your computer you can perform a computer  backup in itunes backup. This is completely free  and it does the exact same thing.


Conclusion of this article to make very very clear icloud plus is great I personally subscribe to icloud plus. But as I said it’s not mandatory it’s not necessary and it depends on your use. So keep that in mind understand that you  can’t really store everything in icloud  just some types of files as i mentioned. And also check if it’s important for you. If maybe you don’t need it don’t get it if you have plenty of storage left on  your devices there’s no point. But of course always make sure to have your  backups. So then if you want you can back up to your computer. And you can do absolutely everything be safe be great  without having to spend that cash every  single month on icloud plus it’s your choice it’s your decision.

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