Top 5 Best Samsung Laptops in Mid 2022

what’s up guys today’s Article is on the  top 5 best samsung laptops in 2022. We have put together a list of options  that’ll meet the needs of different  types of buyers so whether it’s price  performance or its particular use we’ve  got you covered

Best Samsung Laptops In mid 2022

samsung galaxy book go

if you  want to save some money and still get a  solid product we especially single out  the samsung galaxy book go which thanks  to its low price deservedly won the  title of the best budget samsung laptop  available on the market in 2022 on the  outside this model looks like a simple  thin and light ultrabook but inside it  has the heart of a lion with a signature  qualcomm and the windows 11 operating  system the screen hinge allows opening  by 180 degrees which is a function  that’ll be a little bit difficult to use  during this period because it’s designed  to facilitate the sharing of content in  a work or study group on the  connectivity side samsung has done a  great job we find that more than  anything else this laptop is designed  for basic but varied tasks there are two  usb type-c ports one on each side a  choice that simplifies the charging  process as they both support it there’s  also a usb type a slot a micro sd card  reader a sim slot and a 3.5 millimeter  headphone jack and microphone wireless  connectivity includes wi-fi and  bluetooth 5.1 with the lid raised the  look remains modern enough thanks to the  slightly pronounced side edges of the  screen minimalism rains here as well  before we move on to the performance and  software analysis let’s look at two very  important elements in a laptop and those  are the screen and battery life the  specifications list a 14 inch tft lcd  panel with full hd resolution and a  refresh rate of 60 hertz the sound of  the speakers is discrete although the  speakers don’t stand out they are  appreciated for their wide enough sound  without unwanted gaps in the bass in  terms of autonomy it’s one of the  important advantages of the samsung  galaxy book go in standby mode it can  stay on for several days without  discharging moreover this model can  support days that are more demanding and  easily exceeds 11 hours of consistent  use if used for basic tasks such as web  browsing and document management another  positive element is the 25 watt charger  very small and comparable to the power  supply of a smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2

the samsung galaxy  chromebook 2 also known as the best  samsung chromebook laptop available on  the market in 2022 with this model  samsung is expanding its commitment to  qled technology after implementing it in  its tvs for a few years the company now  brings these quantum dot panels to the  world of chromebooks the new samsung  galaxy chromebook 2 is the first device  of its kind to have one of these panels  equivalent to lcds but with better  contrast brightness and color also we  have a convertible with a touch screen  at our disposal a slim design and stereo  speakers behind with an amplifier that  promises a sonic attach that is 178  louder audio output than the competition  the screen comes with a 13.3 inch panel  and full hd resolution as noted for the  first time in a chromebook samsung is  installing a qled panel an alternative  to ammo panels built using aluminum and  with a backlit keyboard samsung also  includes two 5 watt stereo speakers to  offer sound above the most basic devices  inside the galaxy chromebook 2 will find  the 10th generation intel core i3 or  intel celeron 5205u depending on the  market it is accompanied by several  models and the device we’re analyzing  comes with eight gigabytes of ram  samsung galaxy chromebook 2 offers wi-fi  6 and bluetooth 5.0 connectivity while  at the port level we’ll have two usbc a  microsd slot and a 3.5 millimeter port  the battery offers 45.5 volt hours and  it’ll last you at least a part of the  day no matter what your requirements and  needs are you can study relax or work  battery autonomy will not disappoint you  in addition to the touchpad the  chromebook 2 is compatible with usi  electronic pens and supports up to 4096  levels of sensitivity which is a nice  addition in terms of design the samsung  galaxy chromebook 2 boasts a sleek and  slim design it comes in red it has a  size of 12 by 8 by 0.6 inches while it  weighs 4.51 pounds additionally there is  a google assistant that’s ready to  execute all your commands with just one  word this is a quality product.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 2 alpha

the samsung galaxy  book flex 2 alpha which we can freely  say is the best two in one samsung  laptop available on the market in 2022.  this model has a 360 degree hinge design  it allows you to turn the device into a  tablet with a large screen for taking  notes or enter the tent mode for  watching movies or giving presentations  the laptop in this offer has a 13 inch  qled 1920×1080  screen for an impressive viewing  experience this same qled technology  found in samsung qled tvs improves color  light control and energy efficiency  powered by an intel core i7 1165 g7 4  core 11th generation processor and 16  gigabytes of ram this laptop is designed  to perform multiple tasks meanwhile the  512 gigabyte ssd gives you enough  storage space to keep your important  files safe samsung promises that you’ll  have up to 18.5 hours of battery life  with the galaxy book fleck 2 alpha  weighing 2.62 pounds and measuring 12 by  7.95 by 0.55 inches the galaxy book flex  2 alpha is lighter and thinner than its  competitors as for the ports it’s  equipped with a thunderbolt 4 port and  two usb type-c slots for connecting  peripherals meanwhile wi-fi and  bluetooth 5.1 cover your wireless needs  samsung has designed this two-in-one as  a premium product with a slim minimalist  profile superior finish and ease of  connection the flex to alpha is truly  the right choice it has great value for  all professionals and creatives if  you’re a gamer this laptop will also  serve you well and take your gaming  experience to the next level thanks to  its new processor for maximum user  comfort the keyboard comes with a  backlight and there’s more than a  welcome fingerprint reader.

Samsung Galaxy Book

the  samsung galaxy book s we’re looking at a  lightweight and durable masterpiece of  notebook design open the lid and you’ll  see that in a completely modern way the  13.3 inch full hd touchscreen is  surrounded by narrow frames that’s some  pretty high quality but incompatible one  with a 720p hello webcam above the  screen and dual microphones built into  the plastic area just above the keyboard  in addition in the upper right corner of  the keyboard there is a fingerprint  scanner built into the power button  which makes logging in a little less  painful physical connectivity is limited  as you would expect from such a thin  laptop you get two usbc plugs one on the  left edge and one on the right both of  which can be used to charge the machine  or send a video signal to an external  monitor there’s also a 3.5 millimeter  headphone jack on the left edge right  next to one of the usbc ports and a sim  and microsd card slot on the bottom of  the machine wireless connectivity on the  other hand is excellent with wi-fi and  4g compatibility thanks to the company’s  integrated qualcomm x8 modem the screen  comes in a resolution of 1920×1080  however it is perfectly sharp for the  screen used at this distance  unfortunately there are no hints of hdr  support here but whatever you choose to  watch on this screen will look bright  sharp and vivid without returning into  saturated territory as for the speakers  they are impressive too they can’t play  a whole lot of bass frequencies but the  sound you’ll receive from this little  laptop is impressively warm and rich in  terms of battery life this model boasts  an incredible level of endurance for a  windows laptop in short you’ll be able  to use this machine all day without  worrying about running out of power even  if you’re connected via wi-fi and 4g  network.

samsung galaxy book pro

the best overall samsung laptop  available on the market in 2022. the  samsung galaxy book pro is a compact  lightweight premium two-in-one laptop  that impresses on multiple fronts this  laptop offers a thunderbolt 4 port a  pair of usb-c connectors a traditional  headphone jack and a micro sd slot the s  pen is also included the pen is black  and plastic and doesn’t seem  particularly premium but works great for  writing and drawing the amoled screen  with full hd resolution on the other  hand offers excellent color reproduction  and excellent contrast even if it is  less resistant to direct sunlight the  keyboard is also incredibly good it is  large and responsive and the speakers  sound very impressive battery life is  good enough for everyday use and  performance is just as good so we can  freely say that it’ll last 20 hours of  work and then you can charge it quickly  thanks to the fast charger that comes  with it even if the device is completely  turned off the startup and connection  process takes only 8 seconds which is  simply great the samsung galaxy book pro  is available in several different  configurations and prices the model  we’re analyzing comes with an 11th  generation intel core i7 processor 16  gigabytes of ram and a 512 gigabyte ssd  quite enough for most users it also  comes in a beautiful mystic blue color  and a 15.6 inch screen in terms of  connectivity this model sports a  thunderbolt 4 port a pair of usbc ports  a classic headphone jack and a micro sd  slot the keyboard is comfortable and  sensitive and the keys are large and  backlit it is a full-sized keyboard with  a fantastic feel despite the very  shallow key apart from the above  mentioned frames the samsung galaxy book  pro 360 is really very modern and also  incredibly comfortable to use overall  this product delivers premium  performance at the best possible price  quality ratio. 

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