9 Reasons not to upgrade to windows 11

9 Reasons Not to Upgrade to Windows 11.

So you are contemplating whether to upgrade to Windows 11? Is now the time to upgrade to Windows 11? Should you upgrade to Windows 11? Not sure whether it is worth it? We will take a look at the pros and cons of Windows 11, and I will give you my own personal opinions on Windows 11 and share them with you. Remember, these are just my own personal opinions, and yours may be different from mine. Let me know in the comments what you think of Windows 11.

Is it now time to upgrade to Windows 11? I’m going to give you 9 reasons not to upgrade to Windows 11, and these are just my personal opinions.

Reason 1

Let’s start off with number one, which is Microsoft. They’ve not removed their hardware requirements for Windows 11. Computers will need to have an 8th generation Intel or a zen 2 AMD CPU with  TPM 2.0 chip. The CPU will also need to support secure boot This means a lot of computers will be obsolete in three years’ time Officially, you need to buy a new PC for Windows 11 You can see here you’ll run a check on your system and basically you’ll get this message saying your computer is not supported if you’re running older hardware. The 8th generation is not that old, and also AMD Gen 2 or Zen 2 is not that old either, and a lot of people are going to feel a little bit let down by Microsoft.

I thought they might relax this a little bit over the coming months, but they haven’t and they’ve stood hard and fast about this rule and they won’t remove it, so that’s one of my biggest problems with Windows 11.

Reason 2

Number two, Windows 11 is still buggy. There are lots of bugs with Windows 11, and it just lacks polish. Everything you see here is just unfinished. It’s just not been finished before release, and they’re constantly upgrading this and updating it to fix a lot of known issues You can’t do a lot of things on here that you can do on Windows 10, and I think what they did was they just released this version of Windows 11, which was really Windows 10. It’s missing a lot of key features and they’re adding these with each release  and they’re going down to you know So you’re going to have to wait quite a while before you get some of these features, and even when they release these features, they’re just not finished, and this is the biggest problem for me with Windows 11.

Now it’s full of bloated software. They just pile on the bloat here.You can see Instagram and Messenger and Prime Video. Loads of applications are added inside here and they’ve also got loads of areas which you have to go through to disable and it’s just this privacy and security area. This does tons of stuff and you just don’t know anyone who actually uses a lot of this stuff apart from microphone and camera. Everything else they’re just turning off and they just don’t let you opt out of it and they’re just forcing you to go through this whole palava every single time and then when you get an update it all resets itself and you have to go through the whole procedure again. Four steps and telemetry and widgets and other stuff that they keep adding is just a big No-No for me.

Reason 3

The third reason is that the taskbar in Windows 10 is far superior to the taskbar in Windows 11; in Windows 10, you can do far more with the taskbar than in Windows 11. You’re still having issues with drag and drop here. You can’t change the size of it. You can’t put it in certain places, like the top or things like that. It’s just that they want you to either have it in the center here or on the left hand side. They’re not giving you any sort of way of changing this, so they’re sticking to what they want with their taskbar. It just looks very big and ugly, and I just don’t like it.

Reason 4

Moving on to number four, Windows 11 requires you to sign into a Microsoft account even if you don’t want to. For example, when you install Windows 11 on a computer, it will force you to sign into a Microsoft account, which is this here now. You can go back to a local account, but during the installation process, they appear to be making it more and more difficult to bypass the local account option, and basically you should have the option to sign into a loca account. It’s an absolute joke I mean, what is that? I mean, you can fix it by adding a program to your computer which is called Start 11 or Start All Back and it fixes this.

There are some registry hacks you can do to try to bring it back to the way it was before now. If it just works, then why change it? I mean, just adding in that GUI pack to Windows has probably caused so many problems, but just to make it look nice and this ribbon up here as well  they’ve changed this completely I don’t like the copy paste and the rename icons either, but it’s just me That’s just my opinion, so this context menu is not for me, and I would install Star 11 or start all the way back to fix this.

Reason 5

So number five, staying with the theme of start menus and context menus, is this hideous start menu I mean, look at the size of that. It’s just massive and you can’t do anything with it. It’s just horrible I don’t like this recommended section here. You can turn it off, but then it’s just a big blank void down here. I know you can customize this area here, but I just don’t like the look of this start menu the way it is.

Some people may disagree, but I just don’t like it. It seems that you have to go clicking on things to find stuff, whereas the old menu used to work really well. For some reason  this is their new invention for a start menu  I would much prefer to use something like Star 11 or start all the way back to Windows 11.

So this makes the whole experience of Windows 11 a lot more enjoyable, so if you are on Windows 11 and you want to get back to some sort of control where you have a better experience, then use something like Start or Back or Start 11, and this will change the start menu and also the taskbar and the context menu, and it just makes Windows 11 a lot more usable and a lot more user-friendly. They’re not free, but they only cost about five pounds or five dollars to purchase, and it’s well worth the investment.

Reason 6

Okay, so let’s move on to number six, which is the menu system inside Windows 11. So what I mean by that is that they are going to start removing all of these legacy options to get to the legacy part. This is where they’re going to start forcing you to get into, and you’re going to have to start coming down here and then going into the more sound settings just to get to this area here. Previously you could just right click. Eventually they’re going to remove all of this.

Reason 7

The audio quality down here is absolutely horrible And, once again, you can use that trumpet to make this a lot more controllable, but it is really not for me, and I find myself going in here and getting lost. You go in here and you think, “Where is this?” and you click on it, and then you have to click on another thing. It just takes forever to find things. In my opinion, yes, it looks more polished, but if it just works the way it did before, why change it? Microsoft hasn’t recoded a new operating system in many many years. They’re still using part of the alt code for all the old operating systems that you see even inside Windows 11.

When they first released Windows 11, there were lots of areas that actually said “Windows 10” on them instead of “Windows 11”, and that’s because the main core code for Windows 11 is Windows 10. and you can still see it in Windows 11. So let’s go into the control panel and you can see this is the old version of Windows. It’s still being built here. Eventually they’ll probably get rid of this or they’ll give it some sort of facelift, but inside here you can have a look. There are old features in here, like this one here, backup and restore Windows 7. That means this is from Windows 7.

They’ve still got code in here from Windows 7 and it’s in Windows 11, which tells me a lot of this stuff is still hanging on from past operating systems.

Reason 8

So let’s talk about number eight  which is rumors of Windows 12. You can see it here Windows 11 is nowhere near finished yet and yet they’re already talking about Windows 12 and there are rumors circulating on the internet from reliable sources saying that they’re going to be releasing Windows 12 sometime in 2024 or early 2024, which is you know It’s really unthinkable when you think that a lot of people are still on Windows 10. They haven’t even upgraded to Windows 11.

Windows 11 is far from finished, and there are rumors that they are considering releasing operating systems every three years. What does this mean for you? It simply means that if you have a PC that is unsupported for Windows 11, you may end up purchasing a newer computer sooner than you intended.

Reason 9

This brings me to number nine, which is Android apps. They are far from finished, and they are already talking about releasing another opera. I mean, these are rumors, and sometimes these rumors are pretty accurate, so that’s a bit worrying. So those are my 10 things, and there are probably a few other ones in there that I could add, but I think these are the 10 most common ones that are causing concern for me now. If you’re still hesitant, there is no real reason to upgrade to Windows 11 right away Windows 10 still has another three years, so I don’t think they’re going to change that  I think it will still go until 2025, so you can still use it up until 2025  But after that point, that is going to be it.

That will be the end of the life cycle for Windows 10, especially if Windows 12 is true. I don’t think they’ll extend that any further, and that will be pretty devastating to a lot of people. Other than that, there is no rush. You can still use Windows 10 for a number of years yet and then make your decision then if they’re going to bring Windows 12 out in, say, 2024, maybe skip Windows 11 and go straight to Windows 12 with a new computer.

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