Apple Music Vs Spotify in 2022

Spotify vs apple music. These are two of the biggest players in the music streaming game at the moment. And for the longest time I was team Spotify 100%. But when apple recently introduced spatial audio through Dolby Atmos, as well as lossless quality for apple music. It made me realize apple is making big moves to compete with Spotify.

spotify vs apple music

Apple music vs Spotify- Which one is better?

Apple Music and Spotify appear to be two very comparable music streaming services at first glance. However, based on my research, I believe they are intended for two distinct groups of individuals. So the question isn’t whether one is better, but which one is best for you. And in this article, I’ll let you know how to do just that. Okay. Obviously, we must begin with tunes. In comparison to Apple, Spotify’s collection is believed to be between 65 and 70 million. Music is worth $75 billion, according to reports. Spotify’s collections, on the other hand, have sparked a lot of debate. For various reasons, some musicians are really removing their songs off Spotify.

So Taylor Swift, who I consider to be one of the best singers of all time, withdrew all of her songs from Spotify because the platform was not paying artists fairly. Taylor, of course, has a massive platform and the potential to create waves in the business because she’s incredible.

Internal changes in Spotify

Then, in 2019, Spotify made certain modifications, and Taylor’s album became more popular as a result. She actually re-upped her whole library on Spotify, which happened to be at the same time that I re-upped my Spotify membership. However, another musician, Neil Young, just removed his entire repertoire off Spotify due to their podcast regulations. So, while a difference of five to ten million songs may not seem like a significant deal, it is. If one of your favourite performers, such as Neil Young, is one of your favourites.

Then discover where your favourite artists’ archives are available. From a technological standpoint, Spotify and Apple Music have completely distinct algorithms and aesthetics. Apple’s UI is mostly oriented on artist and album suggestions, which seems eerily similar to iTunes, where Spotify’s UI is heavily based on customising of playlists and other items.

On the basis of the algorithm

And I honestly believe it is a superior technique, for example, the Spotify daily mix, which not only pairs music that it knows you like based on how often you’ve listened to them. But also includes new songs to check out. So you can sort of like discover new songs and then they also have the discover weekly. But the suggestions on Apple Music aren’t quite as fantastic. And I think you should be aware that I have a slight prejudice because I’ve been using Spotify for a longer time.

As a result, it just knows me better. However, based on my study and findings, it appears that Apple Music’s suggestion algorithm isn’t as excellent as Reddit’s. According to one user, liking a song on Apple Music enhances the recommendation algorithm. So, if you’re not a music fan, perhaps it helps you as well. Spotify really emphasises cultural relevancy, which is going to be a big deal.

Better sound quality (apple music vs Spotify)

Apple Music’s clear competitive edge is the way it integrates with other Apple hardware items. For example, support for Dolby Atmos on the AirPods, three AirPods pro. And even MacBook Pros after 2018 is quite amazing. And spatial audio is one of my all-time favourite things. Because it makes it such that Apple Music is something that I really adore because it contributes to the sound in such a dynamic way. It gives the impression of a larger sound stage. And it’s as though you can hear instruments all around the place.

There are extra capabilities like as head tracking, as well as lossless and high reservoir audio. However you can’t listen to the high-res losses audio without an external deck. So, while I believe this is certainly a capability for audio files, I believe the other items I described are more important to the ordinary user.

And it also makes it apparent to me that Apple’s concentration is on audio and ecosystem features. Whereas Spotify’s competitive edge is curation and, more importantly, the social component and culturally relevant aspects, such as being able to see what your friends are listening to you. If you’re using the Spotify desktop app, you’ll be able to make a mix playlist with your friends. Follow them, and see information like how many times a song has been streamed.

Final Thoughts (Spotify vs apple music)

That all feels very social media-y, and Spotify wrapped in fantastic takes up a lot of my timeline every year in a way that Apple Music doesn’t. Spotify offers built-in podcasting as well, but I like Apple’s approach of having two independent applications. I see the idea of having all of your audio experiences in one app. But I don’t like for it since I can’t listen to a podcast. And then keep it on screen while playing music in Spotify.

I can listen to podcasts on Apple Music, but Spotify is highly invested in the podcast space. They just purchased three podcast networks, as well as the rights to Call Her Daddy and a few other well-known shows. They’re doing this, I believe, because podcasts are simpler to monetize. They act as if they had the ability to insert advertisements. Also, cultural relevance is one of the most crucial parts of Spotify since they need to generate money directly from subscribers in a manner that Apple music does not. It isn’t necessary for them to earn a profit on it. Spotify has to earn a profit because they don’t sell hardware like that.

These emotional and social relationships are what drive us as people. As a result, it makes sense for Spotify to invest their funds there. So, in terms of which curated experience is better for you, I think it comes down to whether you care more about audio quality or the social aspect, as well as which one you’ve already been using. Because having a new music service relearn all of your listening habits and what you like is honestly fantastic.

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