Intel Core 13th Gen processor (Raptor Lake) Overview

Intel Core 13th Gen Processor Raptor Lake

For the heated lineup of events happening right just a couple of days ago we got to check out team Red’s brand new lineup of CPUs now team blue is back for the win. Intel has launched the brand new Intel 13th gen (Raptor Lake) processor.

First of all guys 13th gen Raptor lake processor is based on Intel 7 process which is still there 10 nanometer enhancing superfin process only but like a plus plus variant of that. It’s still based on the similar Performance Hybrid architecture just like alde LA. But now you can expect like faster performance course double the number of e cores. And they’ve also massively improve the L2 cache sizes. So all of these you know sum up to like 15 percent improved single threaded performance. And almost up to like 41 multi-threaded performance gain. So sum up all this on the overall you can expect like 40 performance scaling. So this is what I’m talking about I’m pretty hyped and excited to you know. Check out these brand new CPUs. And without wasting any more time let’s get to know about this latest Intel’s processor.

First exclusive Hands-On Intel 13th gen Raptor Lake CPUs, I’m like pretty excited guys I can’t wait to build a system with this. And see what sort of performance we are getting. But before we get there now let me quickly like brush you people with the architecture. And you know specs and details and all about that.

Intel 13th gen processor Architecture

So first of all coming to the architecture these brand new 13th gen Raptor Lake are still based on Intel 7 process only. And come with a similar Performance Hybrid architecture just like the last chain. So you have both P cores and e cores. P stands for performance e stands for efficiency cores. And both of these work together and offer like incredible performance and gains across the stack. So keeping that aside guys the Intel 7 process this time they’ve used is an upgraded enhanced version compared to the last chain.

So this is like the Brand’s third generation of Intel superfin transistor micro architecture right. And it offers like significantly better Channel Mobility. There are definitely gains over here see either it be based on 5 nanometer 7 nanometer or 10 nanometer. Also at the end of the day what you require is performance numbers right results. If you are getting that then all of this doesn’t matter for a regular consumer right.

So that is what you should be looking for you’re definitely having like good amount of performance gains. And also efficiency has been improving. We’ll talk about all of this anyhow in my performance benchmarks and review of this CPUs right. Till then you’ll have to wait about that now keeping that aside these brand new 13th gen CPUs offer like faster P cores compared to the last gen. Now look at the Intel cyanide only 3900k. It offers like up to 5.8 gigahertz clock frequencies out of the box. And along with that you’re also getting double the number of e-codes.

So if you look get 3900k right it’s got like 24 cores 32 threads out of that 8 RP cores. And you’re getting almost 16 e cores. So this is like massive. And also if you look at the cache size right that is also bit improving. Total L2 cache on the 3900k is now around 32 MB. Some of all of these and you can expect like massive performance and you know efficiency gains across the stack. Compared to the previous gen that’s almost like 15 percent improved single threaded performance gain over here.

And almost like 41 multi-threaded performance gain so this is what again Intel is saying. We’ll have to practically build a PC and you know test it out in real world applications. The best part is Intel India actually were sending invitations to all the media and tech reviews to the 13th gen Raptor Lake launch event.

On the overall Intel has also shared some benchmarks you know in comparisons with the last gen as well as the competition. So if you compare it with Intel’s 12th engine Arlo Lake CPUs the brand new 13th gen offer up to like 24 better gaming performance. And if you look at the content creation side there’s almost like 34 faster Creator workflow. So there’s definitely like a huge improvement over here.

And now if you look at the competition side. If you compare intel 13th gen processor i9 versus ryzen 9 7950x here you’re almost seeing up to like 13 to 14 improved gaming performance. Now that was a bit of surprise. And also on the content creation side as well Intel is giving like a tough competition to team right.

So some of the applications you are getting to see almost like on par performance. Like you know Adobe apps but if you look at the other applications like maybe AutoCAD and you know these sort of stuff there you’re getting almost like four to five percent better performance on team Blues side. As I’ve told you these benchmarks and numbers have been shared by the brand. But we’ll have to practically see we’ll have to build a PC. And see what sort of numbers and results we will be getting in real world.

So yeah for the PC I’m thinking of going all out we’ll be building like the most powerful gaming PC build using Intel’s 13th gen I9 3900k. And paired with this brand new z790 motherboard from Rog and maybe use like you know RTX 4090 that’s sitting right over there right.

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